Photo of Jochen Kalt
Jochen Kalt
PhD Student

Thesis title:
"Growth, structure and lattice dynamics of iron silicide nanostructures"

January 2016 - February 2021
since March 2021 Postdoc at IPS

Rabee Najeeb
Master student

Thesis title:
"Growth and characterization of GaAs-Fe3Si core-shell nanowires"

since February 2022

Former members

Photo of Ramu Pradip
Dr. Ramu Pradip
PhD Student

Growth, structure and lattice dynamics of epitaxial europium oxide thin films

July 2013 - February 2017
since March 2017 at ZEISS
Hongting Wu
Bachelor student

Thesis title:
"In situ RHEED and AFM characterization of FeSi2 nanostructures "

May 2016 - December 2016
Photo of Anja Seiler
Dr. Anja Seiler
PhD student and Postdoc

Growth, structure and lattice dynamics of rare-earth silicide nanostructures

January 2012 - December 2015
Photo of Olga Bauder
Dr. Olga Waller, geb. Bauder
Phd Student and Postdoc

Growth, structure and lattice dynamics of ultra thin epitaxial rare-earth films

June 2010 - December 2015
since January 2016 Postdoc at Nano and Hybrid Laboratory, École Polytechnique de Montréal

Photo of Dr. Shyjumon Ibrahimkutty
Dr. Shyjumon Ibrahimkutty

Structure of thin films and nanostructures by in situ synchrotron radiation GISAXS, SAXS/WAXS and GID methods.
January 2012 - August 2014
since August 2014 beamline scientist at the MPI beamline, ANKA

Photo of Evgeny Smekalin
Evgeny Smekalin
Internship and Master Student, Tomsk Polytechnic University

Thesis title:
"Development of software for control and operation of magneto-optic Kerr effect spectrometer"
June 2013 - September 2013 (Internship), June 2014 - September 2014 (Master thesis)

Photo of Alexandra Da Silva
Alexandra Da Silva

Internship title:
"Growth and structure characterization of europium silicide films and nanostructures"

July 2014 - September 2014

Photo von Julia Hengster
Julia Hengster
Master student

Thesis title:
"Setup of a low-temperature in-situ UHV magneto-optical Kerr-effect (MOKE) spectrometer" - “Hochschulpreis 2013” of Hochschule Koblenz
April - October 2012
since November 2012 PhD student at CFEL, Hamburg

Rainer Kraft
Bachelor student

Thesis title:
"Epitaxial growth of Europium on Al2O3"

September 2012 - February 2013

Photo of Stanislav Spassov
Stanislav Spassov
Student Assistant

Software Development, Web Design and Support
April 2011 – March 2012

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